Monday, January 26, 2009

Hitler Driven Crazy by Ham Radio

This is like a location joke,e.g. you had to be there, or know the guy, to appreciate it. If you know anyone who is a ham (amateur radio operator) like my husband Alan, send this to them. They will love it. If you live with, are related to, or are good friends with a ham, you will love it. If you don't know any hams you will still be amused.
hihi = Morse code for I'm laughing;
cq =short for I want to talk with (insert other ham's i.d.) i.e., seek you;
SS = single sideband (a mode of transmit/receive operation e.g. short wave radio) can also mean signal strength;
QSL= do you understand? used at end of a transmission or = I understand/acknowledge receipt, used as answer or response to message received
5,9 = numbers on a 1-10 scale that indicates readability & signal strength ;
contests= 10 second meaningless communications on ham band where you report in & get points for how many stations can hear you/or you can hear, how far away those stations are from each other,etc
Dx = distant station;
net = a group/club/organization of hams that communicate"check-in" on a prearranged specific time & frequency, e.g. Alan is our stake communications specialist & he checks in every Wed. Night with the Bishop's Storehouse along with every stake in the area ;
73= Morse code for goodbye;
big guns = someone with very expensive antenna & station is a "ham radio lingo page" if you want to know more.
In any case, I think you'll enjoy the video below:


davers said...

hi hi

diane said...

My husband is a ham. He used to do the weekly check in with our stake.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.