Friday, October 10, 2008


Two months ago Alan and I attended a screening of "Flunked," a well done, informative, and uplifting documentary focusing on the crisis we are facing in education today.

"Most people are well aware of the declining test scores and competitiveness of the average American student, as well as myriad other problems facing education today. Complaining about the problem, while easy to do, produces little productive results." Instead, this film focuses on many of "today's schools nationwide that are 'getting it right'---attaining great results in terms of college preparation, high test scores, and graduating competent workers for tomorrow's economy."

"FLUNKED---A story of failure. A formula for hope."

"Something is definitely wrong in American education. That's why
went out and found educators who are doing something about it."


Friday, October 3, 2008

This week in politics

McCain and Obama AGREE on $700 BILLION bailout: Congress PASSES bailout:
President George W. Bush signs into LAW an unprecedented $700 billion plan:

The American voters respond:

The question is, will we REALLY be any better off with this:

And of course, there was the Vice President Candidates' DEBATE last Night.......
What has happened in America that the media can be so callous and powerful??