Monday, February 23, 2009

Bossy Daughters

Once again (this is a copy of an older post), here is a great blog by my gorgeous and extremely talented daughters, the bossy sisters, that you ought to check out. Sometimes it is very funny. Sometimes it is very serious. Sometimes it is tender and heart warming. Sometimes it contains great advice, even for seniors like myself. Today it made me cry. Despite its name, never is it bossy in a boring or dogmatic sense. These girls are truly awesome and sometime I will do an individual blog post on each of them. Always it is entertaining and worth reading. It will become famous.

Check out the bossy little girl in the header. That's Ruby Jane, and she's delightful. Sometime I will blog about her and all of my 16 wonderful grandchildren.
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Sally said...

Thanks mom!! Right back atcha. by the way, that is Janey, not RJ. But they are both super duper cute.

Robin said...

Thanks for the pub mom. Actually that darling little bossy girl is Jane.

Kristen said...

Thanks mom! Actually, that darling little girl is Jane, not Ruby Jane. And she is delightful too!

Linda said...

Wow! I should have known! Who could tell from behind? Someone else told me it was Ruby Jane. It must have been taken a few years ago, or probably it just looks like she is younger because of being taken from above. What a doll! Jane is a delightful always twirling, skipping, dancing, or hugging, happy grand daughter!

davers said...

Must be confusing having all those delightful grandchildren - if some of them were stinkers it'd be easier to tell them apart.