Monday, July 3, 2017

And After the FireAnd After the Fire by Lauren Belfer
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This novel spans several centuries from 1776 to 2010 and unites several individuals who are all connected by a long-hidden manuscript, a cantata by J.S. Bach. The story shifts between the past and present as the sheet music passes from one person to another and ended up in postwar Germany.

Quite a few of the characters in this book are real people, though not the characters in the present-day section. The story of the Anti-Semitic cantata by Bach is a very believable one, since Bach often used the words of Martin Luther in his music lyrics and there has been controversy over the years as to his Anti-Semitic leanings. The story is a fascinating one and touches on many German, French and American lives and the impact of Anti-Semitism on them.

Genealogists, music and history lovers alike will be enjoy this deeply researched tale, right up to the final page.

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