Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Bishop’s Wife (Linda Wallheim Mystery, #1)The Bishop’s Wife by Mette Ivie Harrison
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Poorly written. Misrepresents the LDS Church and is just too, too much. The author can't leave out any possible controversial subject. to quote Lisa, , another reviewer, "--Blacks and the priesthood? Check. Homosexuality? Check. Polygamy and some controversies surrounding Joseph Smith? Check. The position of women in the Church? Check, check, check. Domestic abuse of every stripe? Check, check, check, check. I don't disagree with the author's treatment of these subjects (except the position of women--more on that in a minute), but I can't understand why she felt it necessary to include her opinions on everything as she went along, as though she had to get them in, just in case she never gets another chance."
That this fictional BW would be so personally involved in each issue in such a short period of time & that this ward is an accurate representation of a typical LDS ward, Utah or otherwise, is as accurate as saying "Days of Our Lives" is representative of a typical American community.

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