Monday, December 15, 2008

Bailey the Unknown Reindeer

This is such a happy, fun short video.span>
It will make you LAUGH!

We are house sitting and taking care of the pets for my sister & husband while they are in Australia. I say "we" but Alan is the real pet sitter, and he's good at it.

Pets include: 3 cockatiels, 1 dove, 2 cats. These are the indoor pets.

Outside there are more pets to feed, including: a few hundred doves, several dozen hummingbirds (8 feeders need refilling daily), various squirrels, and at least 1 cottontail which Alan spotted this morning.

Alan views most of these animals as good target practice, but left his 22 at home in Boise, Idaho. We don't feed the coyotes which visit occasionally, at least not directly. I suppose fattening the other animals here ultimately leads to good coyote feedings. There are no dogs at their house, but I suspect it is a temporary condition, since there have been dogs, the best pets in my opinion, in the past.

I went to, the website that created the above video, and it is a great page to peruse. If you like dogs, you will like it. They have the following comment:

Going to work with your dog should be allowed in most companies.
If every dog has its day, that day may be now for thousands of dogs around the country, and all they're missing is a paycheck. Many companies have begun allowing employees to bring their pets -- specifically dogs -- to the workplace.
If you would like to convince your employer to adopt a more friendly policy towards workplace dogs, here are just a few helpful discussion points:

• Dogs in the workplace increase staff morale and productivity.
• Dogs also tend to increase camaraderie among employees.
• Dogs make employees happier, resulting in enhanced job performance.
• Dogs can also serve as an effective criminal deterrent.

This website also has some more funny dog videos and some good tips if you have a dog, or (like my daughter Robin & kids, along with my son David's kids) are hoping/thinking about getting that doggie in the window for a Christmas present.


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda.... Di here from The Blue Ridge Gal. You requested the recipe for the fudge that my husband makes. It's made with marshmallow creme and he uses the recipe on the jar. He has been using this recipe for years. I'll double check with him later tonite and let you know for sure that that is the recipe... Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy Holidays

The Blue Ridge Gal

Linda said...

Awesome! it's the easy kind! thanks so much. I enjoyed your blog & will be back.

Emily said...

Mom, this is so funny, I kept thinking BRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda... just spoke to Hubby...the recipe on the marshmallow jar is called 'Fantasy Fudge'. It's a great recipe. See ya real soon!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Sally said...

What a great video. Did it make Alan miss his dog? :)

When I worked at Organic, dogs were allowed at work as long as they were well-trained. When we started laying people off in the dot-com bust, the first time I cried was because we were laying off Ginny and I knew I would miss her sweet dog something fierce! And I really did.

davers said...

Awesome video. I agree ... dogs should be allowed in the workplace, but not cats - that would just make everyone not want to work.

I'm sure the kids would love a puppy ... but puppies grow up, and we don't do house dogs (to many allergies).

Mary Callister said...

Nice Blog. I am still Mary Callister, not taking the last name as of yet. How long did it take you to take the Hart name... I need about 5 years like you had, ha ha.
Take care!