Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I'll Watch the MoonI'll Watch the Moon by Ann Tatlock
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a heart warming, beautifully written gem of a book with an uplifting and faith promoting message about the power of love and hope. The characters are varied, endearing, and unforgettable. I want to hug every one of them. The late 1940's story, told from a young girl's perspective, sometimes made me laugh out loud, at other times tugged at my heart strings, and constantly kept me wondering what would happen next. I will definitely be reading more of Tatlock's books. Audio version exceptionally well done. Highly recommend to all readers, all ages.
Favorite quotes:
“I decided that faith must be the strongest thing in the world, because an ounce of it can change the course of an entire life.” -Nova Tierney
“And if I curse God, Mrs. Tierney? What then? If I turn away from him, what do I turn toward? …No. Better to keep one’s face toward heaven, even if you are angry with God, than to turn away and find nothing at all.” -Josef Karski
“Funny how even a grain of hope can manage to eclipse a whole world of despair.” -Nova Tierney

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