Thursday, June 4, 2009

Showing Off the Silver

It's been awhile since I posted something new, however in May I *did* do a "Guest Post" on my 5 daughters' blog, Bossy, titled "Platinum Princess"
You can read it & see some fun photos with varying hair colors & silly comments. Click HERE.

It's how to gracefully go from my original very dark (black)brunette: to this (I'm talking about hair color, not 7 month old Henry) & have fun in the process:
I think you'll ENJOY it.

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David Austin said...

Ahhhh... now I can comment. I already commented there, but I'll comment here to ... I liked you black hair, but I think it made you a little bit scary for our kids ... not sure why. The silver looks great though and somehow makes you much more approachable.

ps - Come visit and get a more recent picture of Henry!

David Austin said...

fyi ... that comment was regarding our kids as babies.

Anonymous said...
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Claudette Burt said...

From your 222nd cousin! It was so fun to "meet" you in the comment section of our blog. I LOVE your silver hair! It's beautiful and makes you look younger than the dark hair! We know a Jenny and Mike Wagstaff in Boise. They are our daughter's in-laws and are great people! Come on a mission. The world needs you!

C Tam said...

Linda, I was cleaning the closet today and came across a scrap of paper with your blog address on it. I think you gave it to me at Lo's baby shower nearly 2 years ago!! And I lost that paper and never saw your blog until now!! You are the coolest. I love the essay on graceful "gray" which thanks to you I now know never to call "gray." =)

Linda said...

glad you enjoyed it. It's hard to believe so much time has passed.