Friday, October 3, 2008

This week in politics

McCain and Obama AGREE on $700 BILLION bailout: Congress PASSES bailout:
President George W. Bush signs into LAW an unprecedented $700 billion plan:

The American voters respond:

The question is, will we REALLY be any better off with this:

And of course, there was the Vice President Candidates' DEBATE last Night.......
What has happened in America that the media can be so callous and powerful??


Salt H2O said...

Every incumbent in congress needs to get voted out. (Except the 100 or so that voted against the bill)

Jolly said...

I like the humor you bring to the issue.

Linda said...

salt- you are correct. theya all need to be fired except a few

jolly- when things are bleak humor is often the best medicine

adam said...

YES! I'm so happy linda, you and I are in complete agreement here!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the mainstream media has had no cartoons RE: Obama's questionable birth certificate, his ties to ACORN, his plethora of associations with Muslims around the world, secret meetings with the Iraqi, pakistani and other Arab leaders and sudden rise to wealth despite havng to payoff student loans; funny that they haven't any cartoons of Biden and his close associations with big banks.personally I won't vote for eithe side. they're are liars. I already cast my vote by absentee ballot for Barr.