Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm Savvy

I already have a blog by the same name at a different url but decided to switch to blogspot.

My beautiful and technically gifted daughter, Robin is helping me through this traumatic transition. agghhhhhh

Look (Robin is telling me what to type here) I can post pictures!

You are looking at a photo taken from the deck of Robin's cabin in Garden Valley. I think that is Noah cutting brush, or perhaps just walking along on "Death Island," in the South Fork of the Payette River, with South Fork Landing's Charter Mountain in the background.


Sally said...


Why do you and Rob & KK all have word verification? It is not great.

Glad to see you on blogspot. You should go post at your old blog and send your readers over here, remind them to add your new URL to their blog readers.

Linda said...

OK you win!
read my newest post. No more word verification! here comes the spamm

Jolly said...

Yay! Maybe if this ends up being easier to use, you'll post more often!

Linda said...
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